Stephanie Michelle James also known as “Just A Vessel,” is a poet, vocalist, speaker and host.  Her mantra is “If I inspire you, you are my inspiration.”  Originally from Colorado Springs, CO her passion for ministering in song and poetry began in 2004.  She began her spoken word ministry at her alma mater, Hampton University. 
     After residing in the DMV area for 8 years she quickly made a name for herself in the local open mic venues, universities and businesses.  Starting with her band, “Playlist” in 2013, she was named band leader and lead singer.  “Playlist” has serenaded over 80 weddings in the DMV and PA areas.   In 2015, she ignited her hosting career at Spirits & Lyrics Open Mic venue which took place the last Sunday of every month in Rockville, MD for 2 consecutive years.  
     She has been the featured guest poet and songstress at the popular Bus Boys and Poets franchise venues, National Air and Space Museum, Fighting Cancer with Poetry event, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Washington Adventist University, The National Association for Black Accountants Annual Brunch, Archbishop Catholic School, Reid Temple AME and the Annual Lupus Gala to name a few. 
     In 2012, she published her first book titled Just A Vessel: Your Weekly Inspirational Messages.  Her first album titled “My Heart’s Beat” was released on May 31st, 2014 at Warm Wednesdays, which was the longest and largest weekly open mic venue in the country.  Her second project titled "Ember" was released December 9th, 2016. 
     Stephanie is a world traveler and has performed in countless venues across the country and internationally.  Since the releases, “My Heart’s Beat” and "Ember" have traveled around the world to places including Hong Kong, Greece, Canada and Australia.  It has been distributed in over 30 states throughout the US and is available on iTunes, AmazonMusic and GooglePlay.  She is currently working on her second project to release early/mid 2016.
     Stephanie was recently accepted into a travel program called "Pangea196," where she will visit a different country every month for 12 months in 2017.  She is carrying her work with her along the way and forging new international relationships as an artist.